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After experiencing SARS in North America and the fear that it brought not only to the medical community. But to ordinary citizens who had no idea of how it was spread and how to protect themselves. This was evident with the first responders of that deadly pandemic of the doctors and nurses who lost their lives.

BBC News Protective Gear

BBC News Protective Gear

I am not sure who are the leaders who are monitoring Ebola and how countries need to work together to contain the international boundaries. Otherwise, as we see in the news cases in Brazil, Spain and other countries will join in that list in a short time. Why do governments wait too late to set up check points at airports?

As a nurse I ask if hospitals are prepared to handle Ebola cases. The first entry is through the emergency and this is where protocol should be established. The update on BBC shows little is known and communicated and that the Ebola virus needs caution in protective gear with set gear up and disinfection. It is hoped ER are set up with protocols to separate from the regular patients otherwise as during SARS crisis there is no entry for emergency care.

Perhaps, Dr Todd Warden’s redesigning ERs need to meets the needs and be efficient. Hopefully, we would have learned from the last time and save more lives. Without a cure this could see a shutdown in our society on all fronts.

Lets be open for change and be prepared instead of being reactive!


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