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I was late diagnosed with breast cancer & since my husband is American he insisted I go to the best- the Mayo Clinic. He was off in that it far exceeded my medical expectations, noting I have a nursing background. Within a day they announced that 3 tumours were missed! I elected to have my care in the USA. It was not cheap but if I had to wait any longer I would have died. Living is priceless.

So when MyCare product was launched in Canada allowing access to the Mayo I signed on. Fast forward the only connection is the Mayo name. There has been no communication written and a few phone calls by a nurse which took months, NOT days and weeks as advertised. Even worse there has been no support- so I have decided why throw good money out the window and just dump it and warn others.

For anyone considering buying this product- stay away because when you are sick there is nothing worse than false advertisements and promises to weaken ones health further. Maybe I should consider legal punitive damages but for the time letting consumers know this product is flawed. I suggest opening a separate account for emergencies as well they have e-consult if your physician is willing to consult with one of their physicians, at no cost. My friend who was considering going had her doctor make that call.

Would you believe this product?

Would you believe this product?


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